Monday, December 18, 2006

This Old Browser

There doesn't really need to be This Old Browser, because I cover these issues in This Old Mac and This Old PC. But since the subject at hand is ... old browsers, I felt it appropriate to begin a blog about old software on a platform built with new ... software, namely Blogger Beta.

Since I can actually use the old, non-beta Blogger Dashboard on IE 5 for Macintosh (the most up-do-date, stable browser for System 7.6.1), I didn't want to move my four Blogger blogs over to the Beta until I knew more about compatibility with a) This Old Browser (namely IE 5) and whether the e-mail-to-Blogger bridge was not an unholy mess -- which it has been in the old Blogger. When I do e-mail in a post (one of the great things about Blogger ... when it worked), some just disappear, most bounce back, some appear a day or more later.

And as I've said before, there are some nice improvements in the Blogger Beta, but nothing that compells me to make the switch. Eventually it'll be mandatory, but until then I won't move anything until I'm somewhat sure that I won't be screwing myself (and getting screwed by Google) prematurely. You can put "labels" on the posts, which I'm trying to do here. That's one of the biggies that Blogger has been missing.

That said, it's nice that Blogger is a free service, and I can see in a somewhat roundabout way how Google could be making money from it, but it's way more roundabout than explicit in its profit potential.

That said, I've used Blogger quite a bit over the past couple of years,

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